Will Air Purifiers Helps With Covid?

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Air Purifiers against COVID-19

Every year we see tragedy of some kind. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is the scariest of them all. It has halted our regular life, constrained us to our homes, and requires altering social lifestyles altogether in order to win this battle. Many people are extremely scared to even step out of their houses, rightfully so, and are resorting to finding out all that they can to stay safe from being affected. Virus spreads easily through air. A single cough can transmit the virus from one person to another. So, people are looking for ways to keep their environment clean and hygienic. Restaurants, hotels and other public places regularly sanitize the space being exposed to the public. While this is effective, we cannot afford to sanitize our offices and homes on a regular basis. This is where air purifiers come in.

Commonly known to clear the air and make the air you breathe fresh, an air purifier offers much more than that. They can be your atmosphere’s first line of defence from allergens, bacteria and even viruses indoors. This, in turn, results in improving the hygiene standards by a lot! The best air purifiers can help supply clean and fresh air indoors, especially in rooms where it is needed the most.

Understanding what Air Purifiers do

Different air purifiers use different systems to keep the air cleaner. There is more than one right answer out there, and before investing in an air purifier, it is best to read about the various kinds and see what fits your needs best. When it comes to particle filtration, High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are at the top of the line. Air purifiers with these filters have a fan mechanism, through which air is drawn in. As air passes through the fan, particles get arrested in the filters, letting out clean and fresh air. HEPA amazing filter is tested to catch up to 99% of all the specks of dirt, bacteria, pollen, mold, and air borne particles at the size of just 0.3 microns. It becomes even more effective with larger particles. This ensures that most of the particles getting in contact with HEPA filters are effectively trapped. These filters, however, need to be maintained. It needs to be cleaned every once in a while to ensure maximum retention. We have curated the best Air purifiers for you to make sure you only get the best.

Some Air purifiers use activated carbon filters to capture various gases, from unpleasant smells to even the likes of toxic chemicals. These filters can have either just carbon filters, or like our own range of air purifiers, they can have both filters to ensure the best possible results. However, their efficiency solely depends on the amount of air Passing through these filters. If you turn on an air purifier and set the fan to high for a few hours, a lot more air passes through your air purifier. This makes the filtration all the more effective. The efficiency also depends on the space you will be using it in. We recommend you go through Harkins catalogue of air purifiers and pick one that suits your requirements best.

Air Purifiers against air borne diseases

Air purifiers are effective to prevent diseases based on how a disease spreads. The viruses that spread through air are easily caught and dealt with, when using a purifier that comes with HEPA filters. There is credible evidence that the transmission of diseases like Tuberculosis, is drastically reduced with the use of an air purifier. Certain viruses, like COVID-19, are retained in the air surrounding the source from which it is initially spreading. In cases like these, it is ideal to keep the air purifier running at high speed, closer to the source. This may draw the particles into the air purifier and trap viruses in the HEPA filter.

Waging war against the hazardous air particles

If you wanted to be protected from something persistently bothering you, chances are that it is from the air surrounding you. When this is the case, just opening windows alone isn’t enough. In these scenarios, these smart air purifiers with HEPA filters can capture the dust particles and help you breathe better. Studies indicate that the concentration of VOCs are actually two to five times higher indoors than it is outdoors. These include dangerous compounds from the likes or smoking, solvents, pesticides and other polluting substances that hang in the air. These will not only make it uncomfortable to breathe but they also directly harm the liver, kidneys and your nerves. For these situations, we would recommend an air purifier with high filtration carbon filters which help rid the air of these harmful substances. The usage of carbon filters is not limited to just harmful VOCs. They can also help clear residual smoke and fumes that arise from cleaning your space and cooking meals.


Regardless of the technology we can come up with, the best source to clear the air in a room is always the natural method. There is nothing that beats opening a window and creating cross ventilation. In some cases, this is easier said than done. In these cases, you can use your personal air purifier to clear the air, and make the entrapped air freshener. It is important to pick air purifiers based on your requirement for it. Harkins range of air purifiers cater to all your requirements, however it is up to you to pick which one suits you best. Portable air purifiers are an amazing way to ensure that you and your loved ones only breathe in clean air at home. They work marvels in places where air pollution is a major issue, like Delhi. Natural ventilation may not be the best scenario. In these cases, we would suggest reading up on Harkins range of the best air purifiers for home, picking the one which suits your needs best, and making an investment which will directly benefit your health!