Why Choose this Top Filling Humidifier when there are a lot other types in the market

top filling humidifier

Here’s a not-so-interesting riddle for you

I look cool.

I improve sleep.

I increase moisture in the air.

I am easy to carry.

I am a perfect appliance for home and office use.

I am one of the trending and best selling home appliances in the market.

Who am I?

Answer: Humidifiers

(Well in my defence I did warn you about the riddle being not-so-interesting. So bear with me!)

What is a Humidifier and how does it work?

It is an electrical appliance that increases moisture in the air around in a room and helps prevent dryness. Humidifiers evaporate or release water poured into its tank as fine droplets which help increase the moisture content in a room.

Benefits of a humidifier:

  • Adds moisture to the air
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates allergy
  • Moistens dry skin
  • Relives sinus congestion
  • Helps prevent the spread of airborne diseases

Types of Humidifiers

Evaporative Humidifier – Water is poured into the basin of the humidifier and when turned on, the inbuilt fan in the appliance rotates fast and speeds up the evaporation of the water which then is sprayed into the air as very small water droplets.

Impeller Humidifiers – Also called the cool mist humidifier has water from the tank pumped into the air as cool mist by a rotating disc that flings water through a comb like diffuser.

Steam Humidifier – Also called the vaporizer or the warm mist humidifier, boils water to release steam into the air.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers – Water from the tank is pumped into the air as fine mist by using high frequency sound vibrations.

Why buy Top Fill Humidifiers?

Why buy them when there are many other types of humidifiers available in the market?

Humidifier vs Top Fill Humidifiers:

Top fill humidifiers aren’t very different from the other humidifiers. A humidifier needs to be filled with water to do its work and the general way to fill them with water is through their sides or bottom. A top fill humidifier on the other hand lets you fill and refill the appliance with water from the top. In having the top fill design, the product avoids the trouble of having to lift the appliance to check for the right outlet to fill water and then overturn it for it to function and also avoids the trouble of having water spilt around in trying to do so.

Why buy Top Fill Humidifiers?

Like mentioned before, while most of the humidifiers require the lid to be opened, remove the tank, overturn them, fill them with water, close the lid and fix them back to the base; the top fill humidifiers differ a little from the usual. Opening the lid, adding water, then overturning the tank sounds easy and right but it is so only as long as the appliance is of a smaller size. For humidifiers designed with larger capacity, for those humidifiers that are designed to cool a larger space, it makes it difficult to lift the humidifier and overturn it. The top fill humidifiers are effectively designed to make water refills easier than ever.

How to Use Top Fill Design Humidifiers?

With the one distinctive feature of having a top lid, top fill humidifiers makes filling, refilling, cleaning and maintaining much easier. Just like any other humidifier, the product functions in just three simple steps.

  • Remove the top lid
  • Add water or essential oil
  • Close the top lid

Best Top Fill Design Humidifiers

Deerma F300 – 2 in 1 Top Fill Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Also an essential oil diffuser
  • 360° rotatable mist outlet
  • 2.5L water hold capacity
  • 200mm wide opening
  • Designed with anti-corrosion PP material
  • Turns off automatically when it runs out off water

Geek Nyorova H7 Top Fill Humidifier

  • 5L water hold capacity
  • 8 adjustable controls
  • High air throw
  • Comes with a carbon filter to purify water
  • Turns off automatically when it runs out off water
  • Designed with Gizo Induction Humidifying Technology

Reasons to choose Deerma F300 and Geek Nyorova H7 Top Fill Design Humidifiers:

  • Contemporary and stylish designs
  • Easy to fill, refill, clean and maintain
  • Mini, compact and portable
  • Rapid humidification
  • Improves sleep
  • Moistens dry skin
  • Increases the natural moisture in your room

The Best home and office room humidifier available in India


Here’s the not-so-interesting riddle for you. Give it a try again.

They look cool.

They improve sleep.

They increase moisture in the air.

They are easy to carry.

They are perfect appliance for home and office use.

They are one of the best selling home appliances in the market.

And what are ‘they’?

They are the Humidifiers

(If you are very kind enough to give an answer much related to the content written above, then in that case the answer for And what are ‘they’? would be not just Humidifiers but Top Fill Humidifiers).