What are the benefits of Scalp Massager for Hair Loss

benefits of Scalp Massager

Do Scalp Massages Promote Hair Growth

Massages are a human being’s way to unwind after strenuous activities. From knee massagers for pain after spending a long day on your feet, to treating your eyes with an under-eye massager, there is nothing better. Massagers have advanced over time and now the best knee Massagers utilize many amazing elements. From magnetic knee Massagers, to electric knee massages, the variety is plenty. The time we sleep is also an issue for many. With busy schedules, a good night’s sleep seems like too much to ask for. There is no way to battle this, but by relaxing. An eye massager machine for dark circles can help you keep wrinkling under your eyes at bay. A temple massager can be your best friend to turn to when suffering from a headache or, more commonly, tension. Neck pain is a common complaint from spending your entire day sitting at a desk. A massage for cervical pain can help you thoroughly relax after a long day. There is no better way to relax than with a Massage.

When it comes to treating your hair right, it is no secret that the path to healthy hair begins with your scalp. This is because, when your scalp is ridden with residual dead skin cells, and the hair products we use, there are a lot of hurdles for your hair to grow well and look amazing. Realising the need for something to treat your hair, a lot of hair care brands have curated a wide array of products to treat your scalp. These include exfoliating shampoos, detox sprays and, most recently, a unique contraption, called a scalp massager.

These scalp massagers stay true to its name. It is basically a device resembling a brush, handheld, which has the sole function of stimulating and exfoliating your scalp. They can be used to exfoliate any residues trapped in, help with dandruff and improve blood circulation in the follicles. Scalp massagers are also amazing in evenly spreading hair serums or hair products. There has recently been a lot of talk about scalp massager where ever we turn to. This has left us all wondering what these scalp massagers are all about. Is it better than directly using your fingers on your scalp? Through this article, we will look at the pros and cons of a scalp massager. This may help you personally choose which method you prefer.

How do Scalp Massagers Work?

Using a scalp massager is just like using a comb. You can simply run it through your hair gently, just like combing. There are some massagers that can even be used in showers on wet hair, while there are others that has to be used on dry hair. The electric scalp massagers, for instance. Studies show that it is best to use this device by rotating it in circular motions through your hair. This way, all the residue and dead skin cells also get effectively cleared out.

There are no boundaries when it comes to how often you can use a scalp massager. Some studies show that if you are looking to rid your hair off dandruff, it is best to use a scalp massager in the shower. This way, the dandruff is washed off as soon as it is dislodged. Scalp Massagers are widely recommended to those with thinning hair. It works best if you use the scalp massager before applying any serums or products. This is because, when the blood circulation is on track, the blood vessels are more dilated than normal. This will help the skin on your scalp retain the serum better, thus utilizing it to the maximum potential.

Benefits of a Scalp Massager

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using a scalp massager. From its soothing factor, to promoting blood circulation, these scalp massagers can become integral in all our daily kits once we start using it regularly.

Promotes a Calm and Uplifted Mood

Through the years, massages have always been a direct physical method to relax. From a deep tissue massage using handheld electric neck massagers that takes away the tension on you, to resting your eyes using an eye Massager, there is no better way to relax. This is also emotionally healing. Scalp massages are just as amazing. A scalp massage works marvels on increasing mental health and just makes you feel better about yourself over all.

Scalp massages are said to improve serotonin secretion, which uplifts your mood. Using a scalp Massager can further enhance this experience. These can directly target and apply pressure on the most sensitive parts of the scalp. This is good for not only preventing hair loss, but can benefit the whole body.

Promotes Hair Growth

There has been a lot of talk about scalp massages being beneficial for hair growth. Some people claim that routine scalp massages show a great improvement in their hair length. Scalp Massages are also healthy for scalp wellness, and help remove obstacles that are hindering your hair growth. In a study in 2016, routine scalp massages have been proven to help with growing thicker hair. The subjects taking part in the study, massaged their scalps for 24 weeks. They used to massage their hair for four minutes every day. This ended with an overwhelming success with much thicker and longer hair. Another test had people Massage their scalp twice a day to fight hair loss, using a scalp massager or their fingertips. Most of them reported back with successful answers. Their hair fall had considerably reduced and new, thicker hair was starting to spurt.

If you want to further enhance the effects of a scalp massage, try adding a serum for thicker hair before you start massaging. The Massage makes sure the serum reaches the farthest points of your scalp, doubling the success rate with the essential nutrients for your hair and a scalp massage. It does not matter what product you use, as long as you have a scalp massage after. On the other hand, they also feel amazing and help you relax much better. This is also beneficial for your physical and mental health. When you use a scalp massager in your shower, the massage can help rid your hair off all the hair product left behind, which can hair your hair. Adding a scalp massage to your routine does nothing more than uplift your mood, while helping you have stronger, thicker hair.

Wrapping up

Scalp massages have time and again proven to benefit hair growth. They also have a myriad of other reasons to include scalp massages into your routine. They help you relax; they elevate your mood both physically and mentally, they feel amazing, all the while making your hair stronger and thicker. Scalp Massagers further enhance everything by targeting sensitive areas of your scalp and working on those parts to make you melt to the extraordinary sensation. They also promote the growth of your hair even more when paired with a serum. These serums have to be used before the scalp massage as the Massager can do a much better part in spreading it all over the scalp, and helping it penetrate deep crevices in the scalp. Overall, a scalp massager is a must add to your routine kit!