Types of Door Locks, You Need To Know!

Types Of Door Locks

When smart home technology advances, it can be enticing to test out all of the various options once you’ve reached the world of home gadgets. Technology has had a major influence on our lives. A lot of people use smartphones, smart watches, and now smart digital locks to protect their homes. There are a wide range of connected devices available, from lights to thermostats, smoke alarms to doorbells, all built to make your life easier, more comfortable, and, in some cases, more safe.

Smart locks can be integrated into a larger smart home setup. Locks are an essential component of any home security scheme. Smart locks may be used in scenes or routines in addition to opening and closing doors. When you reach your house, smart lights in the hallway and unique rooms will switch on, the thermostat can be adjusted, music can be played, and so on. Thefts and intrusions can occur at any time, so you must always be vigilant. The majority of criminals will sabotage the old lock and key system.

The questions are kinda obvious, “Does anybody use a smart door lock for home?” “How Secure are digital locks?” “How do you know what a fingerprint door lock price normally is?”

Well, keep reading to find out more about the different types of smart locks out there and decide which one is best suited for you!

1. Smart Biometric Fingerprint Lock

This smart door lock is best for people who are still uncertain about smart door locks. This one works with a key. The only twist is that your fingers are the key! To be more specific your fingerprints will act as a key that will be read by the smart biometric scanner. All you have to do is register your fingerprint(s) and then each time you want to open the door in question you place your finger on the fingerprint padlock and presto! It unlocks!
But wait, what happens if the battery runs out ? The Geek L-B200 Smart Biometric Fingerprint Lock With Key stands out as it provides an answer for this pressing question, as this model not only comes with two mechanical key to trigger setting switch by 15 degree clockwise switching and 4 detachable AAA alkaline battery but also has a fingerprint door lock that is as smart as it is elegant, providing your room with an added level of safety without announcing it to the world. With a soft unlocking motion, it is ideal for inner doors of residential or apartments or other private spaces. This Geek smart lock can read fingerprints within 0.3s, which ensures the one-touch unlock effect which is safe and convenient! Semiconductor fingerprint sensor with a resolution of 508 DPI, capable of 360⁰ fingerprint identification. With all of these features and more this smart door lock is definitely worth checking out.

2. Bluetooth Smart Keyless Lock

This one is for all the people who feel like they can never be too safe. A bluetooth door lock is exactly what it sounds like; You need to connect to the lock via bluetooth, input the password that you’ve chosen and boom! It opens up. Definitely a bit more tedious but hey it beats fumbling around for keys. However, the Geek L-F505 Bluetooth Smart Keyless Lock With Fingerprint Access offers a brilliant solution by providing 3 ways to open the bluetooth lock safely. You’ve got bluetooth code, fingerprint, and mechanical key. Each of these can be used depending on the situation you are in. Additionally, It has a door sensor that detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically Keeping your home secure even when you’re in a hurry. Made of Zinc Alloy stainless steel, durable and secure ready to protect homes in any location. These kinds of locks are often used by RENTAL HOSTS & HOME OWNERS so, definitely consider checking this out because Geek smart front door lock is a great solution for your property management or self-housing resident. Seamlessly integrates with Airbnb and HomeAway for simplified check-in and check-outs. Easy to generate code remotely and share it for your visitors. Visit our page for more information!

3. Smart Biometric Door Knob Keyless Lock

This sounds similar to the Smart Biometric Fingerprint Lock but the main difference is that this is much faster. Lock and unlock your door in a single motion – by scanning your fingerprints as you grip the door handle. Much faster than any key. This biometric lock door is suitable for both left and right-handed doors and requires no wires. The Geek L-B201 Smart Biometric Door Knob Keyless Lock is a powerful choice to consider as this digital fingerprint smart lock works on a lightning speed of 0.25 secs. Charged with Built-in 800mAh lithium batteries provides uninterrupted power for the smart electric door lock. You can charge your batteries with a micro USB emergency power interface as well! Finally, Geek automatic door lock is featured with flashing LED indicators to indicate low battery. This way you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to change the battery!

4. Smart App Digital Door Locker

This type of digital lock works on a smart lock technology. This means that you can unlock your door with the help of your smartphone door lock app, easy peasy!

The Geek L-B400 Smart App Digital Door Locker takes this to a whole different level by having an advanced AI learning system which means that each time you unlock the door the A.I. algorithm will learn to adjust to your needs, becoming more accurate over time. With the help of an artificial intelligence learning algorithm, the biometric recognition rate is optimized and improved for the elderly, children, dry and wet hands, incomplete fingerprints, or other special cases using it’s unique app smart lock technology. How cool is that ?!

At the end of the day, we do need to acknowledge that we must move forward with technology. Choosing the right digital door lock can be daunting but with enough information it becomes easier. Geek smart home lock products never compromise design aesthetics with functionality. Each product is made with both form and function in mind and is guaranteed to add a sense of high-class luxury to any environment with its sleek digital design, and high-quality build.