Types of Blenders and Their Purpose For Your Home & Business Needs


Fascinating It Is!

Are you wondering what is so fascinating? Well, it is fascinating to see how a blender can help one make so many wonderful recipes that are healthy and tasteful. And second, it is fascinating to see how I happen to be so comfortable using an appliance and are actually pretty obsessed with it, in a good way!

We moved from hand-mixing to grinder, then to mixers, food processors, choppers and he we are now with Blenders. With every appliance, the design, technology and benefits has been multiplying and blenders are definitely a best example to show you that.

What can you make in a blender?

Blender FoodsInternet saysS.K. says
Fruits/Vegetable JuiceYesYes
Protein shakeYesYes
Salad DressingYesYes

Note: The above table only includes items that I have tried to make or have had friends/family make one for me.

Cooking is a skill. For a perfectly made drink you need to do a lot of work like chopping, mixing and crushing of ingredients. But then as usual, to help mankind and offer a better solution to deal with the multiple-ingredients drink making process, the blenders were brought to the market. Blenders are the cool, trend-setting appliances that come are handy, come in different colors and are available in varied types that are useful not just at homes but also in business zones.

Types of Blenders and their Purpose for your Home and Business Needs

Rechargeable and Portable Blender

Rechargeable – works on a rechargeable battery; Portable – easy to carry

The name tells it all. The Rechargeable and portable blenders are perfectly designed for the anytime anywhere, on-the-go use. They are lightweight, handy and can function for a long duration of hours once charged. They are best for use when in travel.

*Brayden Rechargeable blender comes with a 300ml juicer cup, a holder and USB cable.

Sports Blender:

This is for all gym goers, athletes, regular runners and walkers. Gone are the days where one had to spend time to make their health drink. The sports blender is best suited for the ‘blend and go’ style where you throw in all that you want in your drink, press the button to blend them together while you continue to do you exercise and then pause in a minute to have your drink.

*Brayden Sports Blender comes with a dry grinding jar that makes it easier to have your quick after workout coffee anyplace anytime.

Single Serve Blenders:

If you are looking out for your personal choice of mix of ingredients, nutrients or vitamins or would like to have your drink in you r desired manner, then go for the single serve blender where though the choices are plenty every choice is yours to make. All you have to do is add your ingredients, blend them, add the juicer cup or the lid and it is ready to drink.

*Brayden Personal Power Blender is wireless and portable.

Countertop Blenders:

If you are planning to make multiple servings of a drink, for bulk grinding and for thicker mixtures then go for the countertop blenders. Countertop blenders come with multiple speed settings which makes it possible to mix and grind a variety of ingredients.

Commercial Blenders:

These types of blender is designed to grind a large quantity of ingredients. Best suitable for commercial and high uses home purposes where drinks are to be prepared in large quantities. Commercial blenders come with a powerful and strong motor to cut through everything that is put in the blender.

*Brayden blenders are the best juicer, blender, smoothie maker.

My Thoughts:

All blenders primarily have the same function of grinding a mixture of ingredients to liquid or semi-liquid form. Yet, your choice of the blender needs to be based on your preference of the size, blade strength and rotation speed of a blender. Before you choose a blender have a clear idea as to why you need the blender and for what purpose.

  • Rechargeable and Portable Blenders for on the go use
  • Sports Blender for after leisure activities use
  • Single Serve Blenders for personal use
  • Countertop Blenders for bulk blending
  • Commercial Blenders for bulk blending of multiple ingredients

*Brayden Blenders are the best handy, stylish blenders that are perfect for all those are health-conscious, would love to have fresh drinks anywhere, anytime and are looking out for best options to save kitchen space.

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