Top 5 Type Of Massage Device For You and Everyone Should Know This

Types of Massage Devices

The Best Massager – Who vs What!

One of my cousins stays here with us now. And ever since she has been around, every Saturday (if it is a holiday) and every Sunday, me and my brother (and the number would increase when my other cousins are around) fight to get a massage from her. She gives the best massage. The moment she touches someone’s head, it is guaranteed that that person would fall asleep soon for it would be like a feather’s touch on your head – so gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating.

One fine day – Everybody kept fighting to get a massage from her and since I (a little selfish that I am) kept getting a massage from her most of the time and my brother (a little smart – that he thinks he is) tried to find another way to get a perfect massage (also to show off and irritate me). That is when, he bought an eye massager and flaunted in front of all at home. I watched him wear it at night and sleep peacefully, so decided to give it a try in his absence (to find out what the vaunt was all about). And what did I find?

It was just perfect. It was super, wonderful, awesome, great and unbelievable. Having your eyes closed for a while, with good music, low heat and a gentle massage around the eyes not just was relaxing for the eyes but to the whole body. It was time to google about the product) and what did I find now? There were massage devices for almost all parts of the body.

But something happened after me using my brother’s eye massager for a week secretly. I was banned by my brother from using his eye massager; since he found out I have been using it secretly without his knowledge.
Of all people in my family, my cousin gives the best massage; but I realised that the massage devices also give you the same good relaxing feel too! And now we do have all types of massage devices at home, one for everyone’s need – including my cousin, the best massager. (I am still banned from using my brother’s eye massager though!)

Everybody likes to have a massage. And be at home, workplace or while travelling, people would want to have their muscle feel relaxed every now and then. For instant relief, you cannot expect someone else give you a good massage most of the time that is why there are massage devices. Read to know more about the top massage devices and find what you need.

Top 5 Types of Massage Devices that Everybody Should Know About!

1. Scalp and Body Massager

This type of 2 in 1 massagers are for have dual use and that being massaging scalp and body, as its name suggests. They come with two modes, vibration and rotation kneading which will help reduce stress and tension while increasing the blood circulation. They are compact, portable and can be used anywhere to give a quick massage to the scalp or the whole body.

*EQK Rechargeable Scalp and Body Massager

  • 2 speed vibration motor
  • 4 rotational heads with 28 individual nodes
  • 360 degree kneading experience

2. Neck Massager

They are cervical massage instruments that can be placed around the neck to relive pain and muscle spasms. With both low and high frequency electric pulses, the neck massagers can be set to gently work according to one’s need. They are also small, easy to carry around and can be used anywhere anytime when needed.

*EQK Neck EMC Massager

  • 6 pulse modes
  • External pads for full body massage
  • 3D intelligence fitting technology

3. Knee Massager

They are products that can be wrapped around the knees and all joints to apply harder pressure in low heat for a perfect massage. A knee massager is designed on the vibration massage and deep-tissue massage technique to relax the muscles, give relief from joint pain and help get a quick break for the joints from strains and pressure.

*EQK Knee Massager

  • Far infrared heat and red light therapy
  • 3 level heating and vibration mode
  • 3000 mAh lithium battery and LED touch panel

4. Eye Massager

Eye massagers give you a gentle rub around the eyes which improves mood, relaxes muscles, firms your skin and reduces eye pressure. Using an eye massager few minutes a day improves blood circulation and hence can help you with good sleep and get rid of wrinkles and black circles.

*EQK Eye Massager

  • 4 massage modes – Energy, Relax, Relieve, Sleep
  • 180 degree foldable with automatic timer
  • Graphene heating and vibrating massage.

5. Neck and Shoulder Massager

Neck and shoulder pains are mostly caused due to over strains, sleeping on one side or over exertion. The massager works on the Shiatsu, a Japanese massage technique to effectively reduce the tension, ease up the stiff muscles and help relive the neck and shoulder muscles from pain and exhaustion.

*EQK Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager

  • 4 modes
  • 3D deep kneading Shiatsu massage with 8 massage nodes
  • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap

With a massager in your hand, make every day ‘Massage Day’!