The Next Essential In A Pandemic – Stricken World – Sterilizer Box

Essential In A Pandemic


We need to look back to analyze our journey from SARS, MERS to COVID – 19. This is 21st century and we have another epidemic that begun from one city of one state and spread to every city of every state, thereby, we titled it as a global pandemic. According to scientists, this is not the last pandemic of this century because this era will be marked with the era of pandemics. So, they have warned us about the many more pandemics ahead. What we have to do it look what are reasons that causes pandemic and we can see this by seeing the ways that prevent the pandemic. First and foremost prevention that is suggested by the health experts is that you should maintain cleanliness of yourself as well as your surroundings. In fact, the normal cleanliness is being replaced with disinfecting yourself and the surroundings properly. Basically, there is a huge difference between cleaning and disinfecting. The usual cleaning ways normally do not kill the microorganisms present on different surfaces. So, we need to take steps that ensure the means to an end of this pandemic.

Why do we need a Sterilizer Box?

There are various ways of doing so. Some people still rely on the traditional ways not knowing that the pandemic and the virus that is causing the pandemic are new. And obviously the traditional ways are not capable enough to kill the entire class of virus. Modern problems require modern solutions. The modern solution to stay safe in this pandemic – stricken world is through the use of a sterilizer box. The normal bleach, detergents, disinfectant sprays, etc. are not enough to kill the COVID – 19 virus. But the best and proven way to possibly kill a large number of virus is through the sterilizer box.

How do a Sterilizer Box work?

The Sterilizer Box works on the principle of physical processing. It uses the ultra – violet radiations in nano meters meaning the radiation has very short wavelength to work on the purification of items by either killing or making the microorganism inactive. In some scientific terms, the sterilizer box works on the process of autoclave where heat is used for killing of the germs. The sanitizer box has such shape that makes it easy to hold high temperature. The hot steam in this way works better than the one outside sterilizer box. The Brayden ZANO V6 – UV Sterilizer Box works with the single controls. You will just need to switch on the device and the timer will be automatically set with respect to the product placed inside and the device will shut off once the product is sterilized.

What can be purified through Sterilizer Box?

Initially, there was a concept that just a few things need to be sterilized. But now the focus has been shifted and people are aware that many things can be purified with the process of sterilization. The medical industry is making use of it from a longer time from now. The surgical and evaluating equipment are being sterilized after every use to remove the presence of all existing microorganisms. Along with the medical industry other industries take help from the sterilizer box to free the products from any prevailing microorganism. So, a sterilizer box is now being used for sterilizing the masks, keys, wallets, cosmetics, jewelry, glass, watch, etc.

Why is Sterilizer Box preferred?

One of the many reasons to prefer a sterilizer box is that it does not use any chemical reaction in order to carry out the sterilization process. The process goes smooth with the physical movement. It is more eco – friendly as well as it is safe for human health. It does not release any additional chemicals in environment or the sterilized item. Although there is a misconception among people that the strongest ultra – violet radiation are harmful so they are trapped by the ozone layer in the stratosphere so what is the need of producing it down on earth to sterilize things. But it is not the radiations that matter, however, the exposure to it is what matters more. The ultra – violet radiations – C are the ones with the strongest wave length and they are used for sterilization by artificially making them in the sterilization box. Brayden ZANO V6 – UV Sterilizer Box has the most powerful sterilization. It not only removes the virus from the outer surface but also from the internal surface of the materials. The virus trapped in masks does not leave by simple cleaning and needs to be sterilized properly.

Need of Sterilizer Box during the Pandemic – Stricken World:

  • Kills a Wide Range of Microorganisms:

COVID – 19 is a new and an emerging virus that nobody exactly knows how to treat. So, the best 0way to get rid of it is to treat it with the best known method. The best known method so far, un – doubtedly, is the sterilization through sterilizer box. The sterilizer box kills all the hidden microorganisms and assure a guaranteed killing of germs. The nano wavelength of ultra – violet radiations being used in the process not only kills the COVID – 19 virus but it also has the potential to kill the spores and molds. Brayden ZANO V6 – UV Sterilizer Box kills a wide range of microorganisms within a short time span. It sterilizes all materials be it glass, watch, wallet, cap, keys, cosmetics, phone, etc. from all types of microbes be it bacteria, virus, etc.

  • Portability and Size:

The sterilizer box has a compact and sleek design so it does not take much space in your house. Moreover, with small size and light weight it is easily portable and you can take it with you anywhere you want to. We suggest you to buy a Brayden ZANO V6 – UV Sterilizer Box because it has the best features that support portability. It can easily operate on power supply from a laptop, power bank or adapter. It is best to be used in homes as well as work places. The cars can also be sterilized by using this sterilizer box.

  • Affordability Factor:

One of the most admirable feature of the sterilizer box is that it is easily available in market with very cheap prices. Moreover, it is not for a single time use as this technology can be benefited to sterilize products over and over again. You will to do a one – time investment and you will not regret on this investment.

The Final Verdict- Sterilizer Box:

A sterilizer box is the need of the time as the globe has been hit by a deadly pandemic. The normal cleaning as well as the traditional methods of disinfecting have failed to work now. The crises demands a new method to disinfect things. This new method introduced is the sterilization box. Although the sterilization box has been used in the medical industry from quite a long time yet now its usage has become more common. The sterilizer box is an apparatus that is used to kill the germs from the surface of different substances and making them free from COVID – 19.

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