How to Safely Clean and Sanitize your Electronics

How to Safely Clean and Sanitize your Electronics

Electronic devices are the biggest magnets for residue, ground dirt, dust, and dirty fingerprints, and they can be hard to clean. From smears and development to bacteria and germs, electronics bear. Day by day blast of earth and contaminants that can make us debilitated. Simply consider your most used electronic device, which is your cell phone. You use it while you’re eating, walking, studying, in the vehicle, and, honestly, even in the washroom. That is a lot of chances for germs and bacteria to move from your hands to your cell phone.

That germ-swarmed telephone at that point interacts with your face, ears, nose, and sometimes even your lips which is well-known for the best disease entryways. Those bacteria and germs on your hands likewise end up on your PC, gaming framework, and work area consoles and simply continue pivoting from hands to devices and back to hands, etc. It’s a pattern of spreading microbes that can cause strep throat, ear diseases, stomach influenza, and even pneumonia. Because of this, we will be talking about ways on how to safely clean and sanitize your electronics.

Coronavirus and The Importance of Sanitizing your Electronics

Research shows that smartphones convey a bigger number of germs than latrine seats—up to 10 times more bacteria! Before you go into alarm mode and begin splashing disinfectant on the entirety of your electronics, continue perusing to discover how to securely clean and sanitize your telephone, PC, and other electronic devices.

Coronavirus likely has you mindful of how frequently a day you contact your face, yet what about how often every day you contact your telephone and different devices?

The product you Need to Sanitize your Electronics without Damaging them

You might need to dunk everything into a tank of fade, yet before you go that course. You might snatch some microfiber fabrics, q-tips, purified water, isopropyl liquor, and dish cleanser. But you surely need a safer and practical product than a dish cleanser which can sanitize your electronics without damaging them. The most practical option you can choose is the Brayden Zano D7 Disinfectant Sprayer. Following are some of the features that make this a perfect product for sanitizing electronics.

User-friendly & Easy to Use:

This disinfectant can act as Electrolysed water hand sanitizer and it is user-friendly, all you have to do is add water and salt into the Brayden Zano D7 Disinfectant sprayer. Which in return will generate the Electrolyzed (EO) Water with ppm 190 to kill 99.9% virus/ bacteria present on your electronics.

Dual Mode for All sorts of Devices:

With its dual-mode, you can activate Skin adaptable mode with one touch in 3 mins, which will be indicated by blinding blue light. Touch twice and switch to Strong sterilize mode, indicated by a radiant red light with 5 min working time. And just like that your electronics are as clean as a new device within minutes.

Versatile & Durable for Life-long usage:

With our Brayden Zano D7 Disinfectant sprayer, you can not only sanitize your electronics. But you can even sanitize your vegetables, fruits, pets house, kitchen, bathroom furniture, and even personalized car items that you use daily.

Also Acts as Deodorizer for Electronics: Don’t just disinfect your electronics or house, you can also deodorize your shoe cabinets and the things that leave a bad stink in your home.

Sleek Modern Design:

Made with strong and corrosion-resistant material our Brayden Zano D7 disinfectant sprayer has an excellent circuit board design. That makes it easy and safe to use without worrying about an electric shock.

Spacious Storage for Ease:

Comes with secure storage that has a space of 350 ml transparent bottle and press tap for easy usage.


Easy to handle & carry chlorine

Great for Public Environments too:

Easy to use Brayden Zano D7 disinfectant generator comes with a sense touchpad. Not only that, but it is also a power bank applicable along with Magnetic power supply. That makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for the public environment too.

How to Safely Clean and Sanitize your Electronics?

So how much of the time would it be a good idea for us to clean our electronics? It relies upon your individual use, however, once a day will presumably be sufficient. If you’ve been around others that have been debilitated or are sneezing and coughing. You might need to consider cleaning them all the more often.

4 Tips for Cleaning Electronic Devices During COVID-19

1: How method to Clean Your Computer, or Laptop Screen 

Figure out how to clean your PC and laptop screens for a reasonable view and — ideally — fewer germs. 

  1. To forestall harm or a dreadful stun, you have to kill capacity to your machine. For PCs, you should shut down and afterwards unplug the gadget. You’ll likewise need to unplug the individual monitors. Unplug laptops and eliminate their batteries if your model takes into consideration this to be finished. 
  2. Delicately wipe the monitor liberated from smears or residue utilizing a microfiber material. 
  3. Use the Brayden Zano D7 Disinfectant sprayer and spray the electronics. 
  4. Dunk a clean microfiber material into the arrangement and thoroughly wring it out. This is particularly significant when you’re cleaning laptops, as you don’t need fluid to trickle down through the keys. 
  5. Tenderly wipe your showcase with the hosed material. 
  6. Wash all the cleaner out of this material and squeeze it out once more. Return over your showcase to eliminate any cleanser buildup. 
  7. Again, delicately wipe your screen, this time utilizing a dry microfiber material.

2: How to Disinfect Cellphones and Tablets 

You may have heard that your cell phone screen has a larger number of bacteria than a latrine. Sadly, that is not only a grimy talk. What’s more, is that tablets can be much more germ-ridden. 

Here’s the way to disinfect cellphones and tablets.

  1. To start with, you’ll need a touchscreen-safe antimicrobial shower and a microfiber material.
  2. Ensure your electronics are controlled off and unplugged. 
  3. Hose a microfiber material with the disinfectant sprayer, being mindful so as not to oversaturate the fabric. 
  4. Wipe down the screen, dodging all openings. 
  5. Permit the shower to sit for the measure of time noted on the item bundling. 
  6. Wipe your screens dry with a new microfiber material.

3: How to Safely Clean a Smart TV or Flat-Screen TV

At the point when you’re dealing with the remainder of your cleaning, you may stop before your TV, spritz it with a glass cleaner, wipe it down, and proceed onward. In the expressions of a large number of features: you’re treating it terribly.

  1. Glass cleaners can be destructive, and numerous TV screens have hostile to intelligent coatings that are delicate to the synthetic substances in them.
  2. To appropriately clean a screen, apply the Brayden Zano’s D7 disinfectant spray to a microfiber material and tenderly go over its surface.
  3. Remember to clean your remote controllers.
  4. They can be scrap filled, smudgy wrecks. Eliminate the batteries from the distant, shake-free any pieces.
  5. Afterwards, clean the moisture or extra cleaner with a touch of compacted air.

4: How to Clean a PlayStation/Xbox Console and Controllers

Your low score might be accused of a gunked-up game controller and consoles. That is the uplifting news. The terrible news is that game consoles and regulators can get especially dreadful.

  1. To begin with, dust off the console with a dry microfiber material or Swiffer duster.
  2. At that point go over it with microfiber material and a modest quantity of water.
  3. Plunge a q-tip into the water and run it through any fissure—yet no patterns.
  4. For controllers, make a blend of one section water to one section isopropyl liquor and apply it to a microfiber fabric.
  5. Wipe down the regulator completely.
  6.  Plunge a q-tip into the arrangement and run it around catches and into the hole.


These are the best tips and tricks you need to follow on how to safely clean and sanitize your electronics without damaging them. Invest in the Brayden Zano D7 disinfectant that will not only sanitize your electronics, but everything in minutes. Long story short, Brayden Zano D7 is an all-in-one cleanliness solution for you. It is a one-time investment that will last a life time, and improve not only your life style, but also your health!

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