How To Disinfect Your Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak

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Cleaning the house is a bit different from disinfecting the house. Especially when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak disinfecting the house has become a requirement. But the central question that arises is how to disinfect your home during COVID – 19 outbreak? Our society has not seen any of such pandemic over decades, so we are so unfamiliar with the way of cleaning and disinfecting our home. The maids and servants need to be trained to deal with the pandemic by disinfecting the house regularly and adequately. With the emergence of coronavirus, the market has launched different disinfectant products so these disinfectants for coronavirus can be used as a fast back up. Let us have a look at the ways of cleaning and disinfecting our homes. But first, have a glimpse at the difference between routine cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning Versus Disinfecting:

On a daily basis, the houses are being cleaned. The dust is taken out of the house using vacuum cleaners. Some of you may also use a wet cloth for cleaning the bare floor. This is the usual cleaning that goes well when your purpose is to clean the home from dust particles, but when your purpose changes from removing dust particles to removing the virus, the cleaning changes into disinfection. Disinfection includes the use of alcohol to remove the virus. Various chemicals that are available easily in the market can be used for disinfecting. Even many of the malls set up a small gate containing the disinfectant for coronavirus at their entrance but the cleaning and disinfecting of the homes is a questionable thing as it is massive and can’t be passed through the disinfectant gate.

When does disinfection become necessary?

There was a complete lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak, which ensured that the coronavirus spreads when you meet people or leave home. Even then we can’t stay home forever and had to go home for one reason or another. When you return home from outside, disinfection becomes necessary. You are the carrier of the virus and will later become its host if you don’t disinfect yourself and the things you have touched at your home. It is not just that you were wearing gloves all the time you were outside and as soon as you come home you wash your hands and sanitize them with alcohol but sanitizing yourself sanitizing the house is also necessary. The query of how to disinfect home during COVID – 19 is still there. Keep reading as we have a section for this discussion too.

Secondly, if someone comes to your home even during corona, as humans are social animals, you have to disinfect your house after they leave. If they have any physical health issue that is yet unknown, you will have to clean all the things that they have touched.

But if you stay at home all the time, you may not need to disinfect the house as your house is away from the approach of the virus.

How to disinfect small house items during COVID – 19 Outbreak:

The wet items and floor in the house breed the virus. So, the first step that you will need to take is to make sure that everything is dry. The disinfectant fluid, powder, or tablets that contain 25 mg/L concentration of chlorine or any other bleach can be used. But these days you can go ahead with the better solution to disinfect the most frequently used things like the doorknobs, sinks, light switches, toilets, handles, countertops, tables, keyboard, phones, faucets, etc with the home made disinfectant spray. It is very safe and can be directly sprayed on furniture in the lounge or the floor.

How to disinfect electronic products during COVID – 19 Outbreak:

Some electronic products are corrosion-proof, so they do not get corroded when you use the bleached products on them. However, many of the electronic gadgets are not prone to bleach products, so the market has introduced disinfectant wipes/spray bottle for them. The electronic device has to be left with the disinfectant product for at least 15 minutes and then clean them with the clean wet cloth.

How to disinfect crockery during COVID – 19 Outbreak:

It was said that coronavirus was initiated from the food market of Wuhan by eating bats. But it is still unclear if coronavirus spread through food or not. Better did we know is to take precautionary measures as much as we could. So, the kitchen and dining area need to be disinfected. The dining area is the most frequently used spot by all family members, so it needs exclusive measures to be clean from coronavirus. The cutleries and mugs etc. can be disinfected through the boiling hot water. The other things in the eating area can be cleaned with 500 mg/L concentration of chlorine. After using the chlorine disinfectant spray wash them with clean water.

How to disinfect rags and beds during COVID-19 Outbreak:

As far as the beds and clothes are concerned, they should be cleaned as usual. But the rags and mops should be adequately disinfected using the disinfectant product. You can soak them in the disinfectant to obliterate the threat.

How to use the Disinfectant Product:

The spray can be made by adding water & salt to the bottle. Allow it to charge for 5 mins after adding. Once the electrolyzing process is complete the disinfecting spray is ready and easy to use. Spray and disinfect all your items. Shall prefer to wear gloves while spraying the disinfectant product. When you use other bleach products for disinfecting please make sure that there is enough ventilation at the place you are using because the stink produced by bleach is irritating and goes straight to your mind. It even has the elements to make you unconscious. Lastly, make sure to keep these bleached products out of the reach of children because they are hazardous if swallowed.

Most Feasible, Recommended, and Proven Solution:

Different people have faith in the working of different disinfectants. Some do not have confidence in the working of any of these, so they make their DIY disinfectant spray. All the bleached products work likewise. There is an exception, and that is Brayden ZANO D7 Disinfectant Spray. It has the following features:

  • IY your Spray:
    One of the best features of Brayden ZANO D7 Disinfectant Spray is that you can customize it by yourself with the addition of salt and water. The salt and water mixed ZANO spray will work as electrolyte water.
  • All in One:
    The Brayden ZANO D7 Disinfectant Spray not just kills virus from eateries but also from furniture, clothing, carpet, etc.
  • Easy to use:
    This disinfectant spray is easy to use and is suitable for all environments. It consists of a power supply, magnetic power and touchpad.
  • Resist Corrosion:
    The Brayden ZANO D7 disinfectant spray is corrosion resistant. It provides a save storage in a transparent bottle of 350 ml and comes up with an exemplary circuit board design.

The Final Verdict:

Coronavirus came as an uninvited as well as an unwanted guest. Yet all we had to do was avoid it as much as we could by staying indoors. But the cleanliness of ourselves, as well as our homes, was the prerequisite for it. There are many ways to disinfectant the home. The alcohol, chlorine, or disinfectant sprays can be made in homes or can be bought from markets that easily kill all the coronaviruses from the surfaces. Some of the things like eateries need to be disinfected with the hot boiling water. The floors needed to be clean and dry. The beds and clothes needed to be disinfected with the usual cleaning ways. Brayden ZANO D7 Disinfectant Spray can be used as an ultimate solution to kill all the invisible germs. Suitable for public environment too!