Dos and Don’ts of Oven Toaster Griller

Dos and Don’ts of Oven Toaster Grill

Electronic kitchen appliances have made the food preparation process easy and convenient. They have added flavor to cooking experience and saving on time. Oven toaster grill is a small electronic oven that is used in cooking and baking food. OTG comes with rods that are used to convert electric energy into a high temperature that can bake and cook. An Oven Toaster Griller is different from a microwave because it does not use electromagnetic waves in meeting the heating effect. For this reason, an OTG cannot be used to heat or warm-up food. It should not then be used for this purpose as it is not meant for it.

Maintenance of OTG and Kitchen Appliances

These kitchen appliances need maintenance practices to increase their lifespan. Through this, the appliance will last and keep its service for long. This makes them more useful. In addition, besides the fact that they help a lot with kitchen food preparation, most of these kitchen appliances come at high prices and therefore need to be maintained to save on repair costs.

Dos and Don’ts of Oven Toaster Griller

The Don’ts

These are the don’ts that are attached to the use and care of OTG.

  1. Do not use Oven Toaster Griller for deep frying and canning. This is because it does not heat up to very high temperatures which can attain a deep frying effect. Attempting to attain this with an oven toaster griller will be forcing it to overheat which may be dangerous as it does not come with safe temperature control.
  2. Do not use an Oven toaster griller to heating bottles. This again is because the OTG does not have temperature control for safety. The uncontrollable temperatures of an OTG can deform the bottles or even cause total damage to bottles and mostly plastic made bottles. You are advised not to use Oven toaster griller even for glass bottles as the temperatures may never be too friendly with the nature of the glass and deformity and damage can still occur with fragile glass.
  3. Do not dry materials in an OTG as flammable materials can catch fire. This can risk both the material and the OTG to destruction. Whether a material can basically get dry over an OTG, it is not advisable to dry things in an OTG. It is recommended that OTG be only used for cooking and baking. Otherwise, other unwarranted use may risk the functionality of the appliance.
  4. Do not use unsafe materials of utensils used in OTG as many can get deformed and catch fire inside an OTG. It is recommended that you use OTG enabled materials only to avoid deforming the utensils used in baking and cooking an OTG.
  5. Do not use an OTG with the door open. Like any other electric heating device, it is not advisable to operate these appliances with the door open. If anything is stuck in the door, ensure it is free from object-stuck and the door tightly closed before cooking.
  6. Do not ever operate an empty OTG as this is an electric appliance that converts electric energy to heat and can, therefore, cause much damage if left running empty. Some of the easily damaged parts of an OTG by an empty operation of the appliance are the magnetron tube.

The Dos in operating an OTG

The following practices should be used in operating and OTG to ensure the fine use and maintenance of the kitchen appliances.

  1. Make effective use of the manufacturer’s directions for use of the OTG in the user’s manual. The simple maintenance and long life tips explained in the user manual will go a long way into making your OTG remain effective in use for long.
  2. Keep the appliance clean through the use of water and mild detergent. You are not advised to use corrosive and scrubbing detergents and materials with an OTG. A simple water and mild detergent achieve the cleanliness needed for hygiene cooking and baking.
  3. Remove any rusting as soon as you spot it in and OTG. The high temperatures together with humidity from the environment may build up rust in the metal plates of the OTG and the outside case. You are advised to remove the rust immediately to avoid it piling up. This is because rust can contaminate your food.
  4. Cook fatty foods on OTG safe glass. Remember that this glass should be verified as OTG safer or otherwise it will end up breaking while cooking.
  5. Ensure that the old OTG is serviced often to keep it safe for use. Old OTGs may deteriorate and cause ineffective baking and cooking if not serviced and kept in proper conditions.
  6. Stay near the OTG when preparing fast cooking dry food as excess heat can cause a fire. The fact that OTG does not come with effective thermal heat controllers, you will need to physically inspect the conditions of the cooking and reduce or put off the appliance when your fast-cooking dry food is ready.
  7. Ensure that your child who operates an OTG is acquainted with all the maintenance practices and knows how to operate it well without a doubt. It is however not advised to have toddlers operate an OTG even if they know how to do it because they are forgetful and can leave the appliance running while empty.


Oven Toaster Grill is an electronic appliance for cooking and baking and therefore with good maintenance tips, it can remain in proper service for a long time. Compliance with the discussed dos and don’ts should meet the longer life span of these appliances. Remember to always keep up with the general power recommendation tip of switching your device on only when it has something to cook and not empty. Do not force the OTG appliance to serve a purpose that is not recommended in the user manual. Clean your OTG often to avoid contaminating your food. We hope that you get knowledge on Dos and Don’ts of Oven Toaster Griller.

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