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Smart Door Lock and Traditional Locks

With bustling activity through each and every day, we sometimes tend to accidentally forget items we use every day. Other times, we may lose them. More often than not, these always happen with keys. There has always been a point where we wanted doors with locks like the kind you see in movies. However, not many of us realize that these are no longer something to daydream about, but actually exist and are quite affordable. In those frustrating situations after you come back from a long day and cannot find your key, will it not be better to install a smart lock that does not require you to carry a key? Installing a smart lock also improves your home security instantaneously. The best part is that you are not required to carry a key like the olden days anymore. There are far more hassle-free methods to enter your home with a smart lock.

Smart Door Lock – An Overview

Smart lock gets its name from being smart enough to unlock your home through a lot more methods than just a physical key. No, we are not talking about breaking the door down. In fact, you will be improving your home security by using smart locks for home, and unlocking your door through smart phones, passcodes, or keyless doors. Some smart electronic locks can even be connected to the Wi-Fi and enable managing the people entering or leaving your home at your own comfort. One of the best things about a smart lock is the fact that you can let anyone into your house, if you so desire, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Which is better – Smart Locks or Traditional Locks

When it comes to picking the better option out of the two, we can vouch for the fact that smart locks are better. Not only is it more accessible because you do not have to keep track of a key, but it offers much more security to your home. The convenience of a smart lock alone beats a traditional lock in every way.

Point of Access

With a traditional lock, you need to have a key. There is nothing that can be done if you are not carrying your key. However, with a smart lock you have more than one way to enter your home. Depending on the lock, you could enter your home through your fingerprint door lock like the Geek L-B200, a padlock like the Geek L-F504, or even your smartphone through a door lock app. In fact, with a smart lock, you can even let your friends in without even being home. You can unlock your door through your phone!


A traditional lock loses this battle as it requires a key to open or it will not budge. This can become a huge hassle if you lose your keys or even do something as simple as lock your door and then remember you forgot your keys. With a smart lock, however, this is not the issue. There is no need to keep track of a spare key, or being scared about losing your original key. It offers more ways than one to open your door. Going a step further, it not only locks your door, but locks down your home and protects it from intruders. Anyone can open a traditional lock. All they have to do is get their hands on your key. However, with a smart lock, only people with Authorization can open your door. Others will need to contact someone authorized to even enter. To enable controlling your smart lock through your smartphone, we have Bluetooth door locks on our official website! With the Geek range of locks, there is a world of convenience. There are more convenient ways than one to get into your home.


A traditional lock offers solid protection, there is no doubt about that. However, if the key is misplaced, or lost, even you cannot enter your own house. A key can be duplicated or the spare key can be used to break in. It is also fairly simple to pick. Anyone who has practiced picking a lock can get through your door as well. This leaves lock picking a viable option and leaves you or your home vulnerable. If the key you have safe and sound is bent or damaged in any way, the lock does not come off. So even if you have done everything right to keep your key safe, but all you did was slightly damage the key, you still will not be able to get through your own door. Bid goodbye to all these concerns with a smart lock! First and foremost, it is pretty invulnerable on its own. When paired with a home alarm system, there is no way anybody can get into your house without you knowing about it in time to call the authorities. Owning something that offers vault-like safety, greatly increases the security of your home. If you are a parent, and would like your kids to stay out of your home office, this lock is perfect for you. With a smart lock you can control which room can be accessed by whom. If you so desire, you can toggle your locks to grant access to your kids to every room of the house, but your office. This is also a great way to protect your room with valuable collections in them. A smart lock can actually track the activity status to a certain extent. If you are ever wondering if a friend came over without your knowledge, all you would have to do is check the activity status. This improves home security by a lot. If there are rooms where you do not want other people entering at some specific time during the day, this can be controlled using your smart lock. Once you close the door, this can automatically be activated, as long as you have set it lock at specific times in advance.

Ordinary Meets Revolutionary

A smart lock, in simple terms, is nothing more than a traditional lock along with more amazing features regarding accessibility, convenience, and safety. How secure are digital locks you ask? When you invest in a smart lock, you are only paying for the extra security and simplicity it offers. If you are someone who seems interested in making the security of your home easy, hassle free, keyless, and is both impeccable and impregnable, then this smart lock is definitely for you. Check out Harkins amazing range of smart locks on our official website today! We have curated the best features and offer top of the line safety to your personal space. The price can surely be surprising, as we bet you find the fingerprint smart door lock price is much lesser than what you imagined! It offers great quality, convenience, and most importantly, it looks so awesome that your guests will be talking about it for days to come.