Difference between Oven Toaster Griller and Air Fryer

Difference between Oven Toaster Griller and Air Fryer

What is an Oven Toaster Griller?

Oven Toaster Griller generally referred to as the OTG is similar to the traditional ovens but also has its distinct features and uses. When compared to the traditional microwave ovens, the OTG take more time and can even perform more functions when compared to the microwave ovens but when it comes to bake, grill and toast the OTG wins.

What are the advantages of buying an OTG?

  • Consumes less power
  • Metal can be used for cooking
  • Cost effective
  • Large and come with increased capacity
  • Lightweight

*Brayden Krispo Oven, Toaster, Griller

  • Mini, stylish, trendy and perfect for use in modern kitchens
  • Designed to have full size view with Krysta Tuf glass
  • Available in 3 different capacities – 9L/18L/23L
  • Comes with tongs, bake tray and food skewer

What is an Air Fryer?

Also called the deep fryer, the product is basically a counter top convention oven that works to deep fry the food with a circulation of hot air at high speed inside the stainless pot.

What are the specialties of an Air Fryer?

  • Helps make fried foods quick and easy; and to make it even more effective, the air fryer comes with multiple presets.
  • Can be used to bake, roast and grill
  • Makes your food extra crunchy and perfectly crispy
  • With the hot air cooking mechanism, the appliance works extraordinary with less oil
  • With lesser oil used, there is reduced fat content
  • Gives you the perfect solution for the non-splashing, non-splattering frying

*Geek Robocook Fryo – Air Fryer

Geek Robocook electric pressure cooker comes with a Fryo lid to help you easily multi-task at cooking and start using the same cooker as an air fryer. All you have to do to transform your electric pressure cooker to an air fryer is to just fix the Fryo lid on top and go ahead with the cooking.

What are the differences between an OTG and an Air Fryer?

1. Cooking Time – Food gets cooked quick in an Air Fryer than in an OTG due to the wide spread hot air in the appliance.

2. Cooking Method – OTG is a traditional oven which cooks dishes entirely based on temperature, time and heating element and hence you need to get your recipes right, and keep track of the time and temperature while though it is the same for an air fryer yet it significantly depends on the hot air circulated with the rest depending on the product itself for an air fryer is a new generation product and is designed with multiple preset menus that do the required cooking.

3. Product Capacity – An OTG is available in different sizes which let you choose according to your need while air fryers being counter top conventions are basically available with smaller capacities. But due to the rise in demand, the product is also now available as separate appliances with larger capacities.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance – Air fryers are easy to clean and maintain when compared to OTG’s. Since Air Fryer does not require oil for cooking and since they are smaller in sizes, cleaning them is much easier when compared to cleaning an OTG which has foods cooked and grilled in oils.

5. Tastier and Healthier – With no oil required for cooking in an air fryer and with completely having food cooked with just hot air, air fryers are considered to be a better option for a healthier cooking. When it comes to taste, both appliances do give you crunchy foods, but still nothing can be better than foods that are extra crispy and oil free, which clearly makes the air fryers a better choice for tasty and healthy foods.

My thoughts:

The capacity, size, style of the appliance does not matter to me as long it makes it makes my cooking quick and easy and helps get me a tasty dish on the plate. OTG’s can help make mouth-watering dishes but it needs proper planning, time and preparation or else you will only end up with an over cooked or over burnt food and this will not only make it difficult to eat that disastrous dish but also will make it super hard to clean. While with air fryers, you can throw in anything, get your food fried with hot air, just add seasonings and there will always be a snack to eat. If you are someone who thinks it is better to go with less work, good food and easy preparation then go for the Air Fryers that come with preset menus.

Many good cooks are comfortable using an Oven Toaster Griller. Since it lets them try and create new dishes every day. I am clearly not one of them. So, if you think you are a good cook and if you think you would like to experiment and have fun cooking and eating, then go for the OTGs.

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