Blenders Vs Mixers: Which is Easier to Use

Blenders Vs Mixers

Back in the old days, people had to manually control every part of the kitchen. They had to grind, whisk, or blend by hand. We have come a long way since then, and we now have top of the line innovative solutions for every difficult task. To rid people of the burden of using a mortar and pestle, a mixer was introduced. In a matter of moments, we get our ingredients ground to our requirements. With these appliances getting bigger and bigger, we saw the rise of hand blenders as well. While they may sound similar in function, one cannot be used to replace the other. To put things in perspective, we have below, the differences between a blender and a mixer. It may be the best way to find out more about both the sides of the coin, to find out if you need either one, or both. As good as they both seem to be, you may not be able to afford both together. In times like these, it is ideal to prioritize what you want. A lot of us confuse blenders with mixers, so it may not be as easy as it seems. To best learn about both appliances, we will glance at their functions and prominent features.

A mixer is a great way to substitute manual work like mixing cake batters or whipping up eggs and cream, in a much shorter period of time, by just flicking a switch. It can also be used to mix various kinds of dough. A blender, on the other hand, is best to make your favourite shakes and smoothies at home. They can also be used to mix up different soups and sauces, up to your requirement. Making life easier by removing the hard part of the preparation process, and skipping straight to the treat, blenders are an amazing addition to your kitchen.


Blenders have revolutionized making perfect treats at home. Commonly called a smoothie maker, you can easily prepare shakes, smoothies, and even cold coffees. Taking the amateur chef away from having to do things, all a smoothie blender requires is for you to add the right ingredients and flick the switch!

Blenders typically are accompanied by long jars or sometimes cups to carry what you prepare on the go. Portable Blenders were initially designed to make the process of fixing a drink much easier, and each ingredient adds a contributing factor. Using a blender jar is the most recommended option to use with your blender.

A blender usually has a really strong motor base. This is done to ensure that even the hardest ice can be crushed in a blender, making your drink all the more awesome. Since blenders have to deal with liquids more, most blenders in the market come with water sealing. This helps make sure that none of the liquid is spilt, avoiding a big mess.

Apart from its more common uses, you can even use your blender to make amazing fruit juices with pulp. Some juice blenders have a juicing attachment which separates the juice from the pulp. This is pretty much the function of a juicer. Meaning that, with the right blender, you would not have to purchase a juicer. This makes blenders a money saver and is a better appliance to invest in when there is a money crunch.

A blender cannot be used to replace a mixer. There are some recipes which suggest whipping eggs and making cake batter in a blender. However, there is no possibility that a blender can outdo the outcome of a mixer when it comes to performing the bare functions of a mixer. These two appliances are not interchangeable.


While a blender seems similar to a mixer in function, it is actually very different from a mixer. Most of us, unfortunately, do not buy a mixer as they are a bit expensive, and our budget does not allow it. If you have to pick between the two, you will probably opt for a blender. Not all mixers are expensive. A decent mixer will even be within your price range, but a blender of good quality will definitely be available at the same price. If you do not want to invest in a stand mixer, there are also hand beaters available. They work just as well, in some cases, even faster and efficient for certain recipes. A hand beater does not allow making dough, which is one of the most important functions of a mixer.

Comparing a blender and a mixer is not relevant. They both have very similar features. It is smarter to compare the outcome of the dishes prepared using both appliances. They very clearly will not be the same. A whip attachment which comes with some mixers adds air to your dishes. This makes the final outcome all the lighter and fluffier.
Obviously, the outcome won’t be the same. A whip attachment or mixer adds up air to the batter or whatever you’re mixing, making the food lighter and fluffier.

A blender will not achieve the same outcome. That does not mean a blender cannot be used to mix ingredients at all. A blender can still be used to mix eggs and it is, in fact, the preferred option for some desserts.

Wrapping up

No two appliances are ever interchangeable. Each one carries out a particular function to absolute perfection. This applies for mixers and blenders as well. While each appliance can carry out the function of the other, the level of perfection will not be reached unless we use appliances for what they were meant to do. In comparison, an electric hand blender certainly cannot carry out the functions of a mixer. However, a juice blender is more versatile than a mixer. It can carry out the functions of a mixer, even if the perfect outcome is not reached. A mixer is not your desired appliance if you want to make smoothies or fruit juices with the pulp. If you are on a budget and have to pick between a mixer and a blender, we would recommend choosing the best hand blender. With a blender it is not about just being the best blender for smoothies anymore. It has become an essential carry on for many. With an option to charge by usb juicers have come a long way to being portable Blenders. These are also magnificent when they run out of power, as these rechargeable blenders can be easily plugged in anywhere. This is a must have for those on a health kick. In short, a blender can perform a mixer’s function to a satisfactory extent, and also provide a world of amazing extra features. We have curated an amazing range of the best blenders in the market. Visit our website – Harkin today to know more!