Best Battery Operated Fans in India

battery operated fans

With the scorching summer finally here, we are experiencing first hand how horrible this heat is. This can only continue to worsen, till we hit the monsoons and that’s still a while away. To make a bad situation even worse, there are always those annoying power shortages where we are left with nothing to fend off the sweltering heat. We love our fans more than ever during the summer, but when that stops running, we are left to sweat. With the rise in technology, we have seen an amazing contraption make its way into the market. Introducing the best battery operated fans – rechargeable portable fans, which come with a built in battery to take over, in the case of a power cut. These fans can effectively cool down your room even when there is no power, and can run for long durations using the backup battery alone.

Sometimes, when you would like to spend some time outdoors, there is no way to bring a gush of fresh air along with you. Now, you can just carry your rechargeable battery operated fan along with you when you go out, or even when you travel. This portability along with flawless design set these rechargeable fans apart from the rest. When you are looking to buy a portable charging fan, certain features make the fans better than the competition. In this blog, we will take a look at a few features that contribute to making a rechargeable fan better than the rest in 2021.

These hand free fans are very easy to control. All you have to do is press the power button to set speeds. This control panel comes with a brilliant blue LED light power button. This indicates the fan speed. The white LED light on the panel shows the charge remaining in the rechargeable battery. Having a control panel on a mini portable rechargeable fan makes it all the more accessible and convenient to use. To find a rechargeable portable fan with this amazing feature, check out Geek Aire rechargeable mini fan Turbo.

Rechargeable fans have to be lightweight. Their major purpose is portability, and if the fan is heavy, this feature is compromised. Make sure you buy a mini fan that is lightweight, so it can be hand held as well. These mini fans are perfect for more than just indoors, they can be taken outdoors and even portable enough to take along with you while traveling. The Geek Aire mini rechargeable fan perfectly fits this mold.

Some rechargeable fans go above and beyond to beat the heat this summer. Certain portable rechargeable fans come with an amazing misting feature that allows a gush of cool air to relax you even under the scorching sun. This misting feature can feel like a dream come true when you just want to go back indoors again. This feature can last upto thirty minutes which can be the best break you get from the heat. To purchase a portable rechargeable mini fan, check out Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini Fan, with the misting feature.

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a sunny day by going on a picnic, then portable fans have to be in your picnic hamper. Make your picnic even more of a party by investing in an incredible mini fan that comes attached with a Bluetooth speaker! Yes, you did read that right. Now you can listen to your favourite music outdoors, while always having a steady breeze, if you pick the perfect rechargeable mini fan. All you have to do is connect the fan’s speaker to your phone and listen to your favourite music surround you into a tizzy of happiness! The Geek Aire DF6 does just that for you. It incorporates the features of two appliances in one, all enveloped in an impeccable design.

Never compromise on comfort. To make sure your fan’s battery lasts longer than everything else in the market, make sure you check the inbuilt battery capacity. Always go for the biggest battery in the market if the fan’s longevity is your top priority. There are some rechargeable mini fans that come with a powerful 4000mah lithium ion battery. These batteries can do an exemplary job in lasting in standby from three to fifteen hours. To top it off, all it takes to charge is six hours! It comes with an usb slot to make charging even more convenient. You can now charge your fan, just like you do your smartphone. To purchase a fan with a beast of a battery, check out the Geek Aire GF6 rechargeable mini fan today!

Rechargeable fans have now gone beyond manual control. Surpassing rechargeable portable fans with futuristic features like an inbuilt speaker, some mini fans come with an option to connect to the WiFi. If you are wondering why a fan needs to connect to wifi, it is to give you voice control. Nothing is more convenient than controlling the power and speed settings with just your voice. If your purpose is to focus on something else and not pay much attention to your fan, then this is a brilliant feature to consider. To find this feature in your preferred mini fan, check out Geek Aire mini rechargeable fan, with the wifi option. This 8 inch Wi-Fi fan can effectively cool down the surrounding atmosphere.

With the summer beating us down, it is only prudent to fight back. Equip yourself with a rechargeable mini fan, and you have a fresh breeze of air any time you please. With plenty of options in the market, we recommend that you check out which specifications suit your needs best. We have compiled a list of the features that set some mini fans apart from the rest, and are definitely worth looking into. To find these fans with your preferred features, check out official Geek Aire website today!