7 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner – The Evolution of thought!

Stage 1 (When most of the people you know do not own a vacuum cleaner): Vacuum cleaners are not much useful. They are probably used to remove dusts from carpets but can never keep the whole house clean. Besides, nothing can match cleaning a room with a broom, dustpan followed by mopping.

Stage 2 (When out of the many people you know, a few owns a vacuum cleaner): Vacuum cleaners might keep the rooms clean but they are not for every common man. They are not at affordable prices.

Stage 3 (When everybody you know owns a vacuum cleaner or prefers to buy one): Now that the vacuum cleaners are not bought by many, I think they have begun to sell it at affordable prices. Still, I think Vacuum cleaners are too noisy, difficult to move them around, consume too much power and are clearly not good for health.

Stage 4 (!!!): I just bought a vacuum cleaner! Apparently everybody has a vacuum cleaner, everybody is happy using a vacuum cleaner and clearly that doesn’t happen unless the appliance is perfect in all aspects.

I may have had multiple thoughts before getting a vacuum cleaner but I was pretty clear as to what to look for in a vacuum cleaner. It worked out pretty well for me. What is the use of knowing something and keeping it to yourself, the best part is only when you share it with someone. So, here you go.

7 things to consider when buying a Vacuum Cleaner

1. Size and Weight: This doesn’t matter when it comes to quality but it matters when it comes to carrying the appliance around. Vacuum cleaners come in different size, design and with different functionalities. Before you think of anything else, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Which type of vacuum cleaner will be the best for you
  • Will you be able to manage with bigger vacuum cleaners
  • Even if you will be able to manage with heavier and bigger vacuum cleaners, do you really need to buy a bigger one or will a small, handheld vacuum cleaner be enough for you.

Your answers to these questions will definitely help you choose the right appliance. With this you go an inch closer to buying the right vacuum cleaner. 6 more to go!

  • Deerma Vacuum Cleaners come in easy to handle sizes and better to carry around weights as they are designed to suit the needs of all people.

    2. Wired or Wireless: Cord/cordless or wired/wireless, call it the way you want but take time to think what is it that you want.

    What exactly do you want?

    Option A: Wired Vacuum Cleaner
  • Has a long wire that can extend to working effectively in all nooks and corners of the house
  • Works with power
  • Bigger dust storage capacity
  • Can work effectively even without regular cleaning or emptiness of canister
  • High suction power
  • Best for large size homes or spaces

    Option B: Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Works with battery power
  • Best for quick cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning among congested spaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to carry and move
  • Best for small sized homes

    Deerma vacuum cleaners come in both wired and wireless types.

    3. With or Without HEPA filter

    High efficiency particulate air is an efficiency standard of air filter. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are highly beneficial to remove small airborne dust particles. Vacuum cleaners are best appliances when it comes to removing dust from spaces but vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are perfect for household uses for those with allergies, asthmas or any lung infections.

    Deerma vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter provides double purification.

    4. Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    Upright vacuum cleaners are more of all-in-one appliance. They are the traditional vacuums there were used in the earlier stages of vacuum cleaner invention. These types of vacuum cleaners have the dirt bag, suction nozzle and the handle all attached to one unit. While Canister vacuum cleaners have the handle and power head separate from the motor and dirt container connected with a hose.

    When compared, upright vacuum cleaners are cheaper, has a wider cleaning angle, effective to clean thick rugs and are noisier, heavier and makes it hard to clean corner spaces while canister vacuum cleaners are less noisy, easy to carry but needs maintenance and care not just for the appliance but for the products around especially every time when you try to move it, as the appliance is decided to function with two halves joined together by a hose.

    Deerma Upright vacuum cleaner is designed with high technology for excellent performance.

    5. Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    Liquid spill or dry dirt, be it indoors, outdoors or at factories and commercial spaces not to worry for there is a solution to your worries. The wet and dry vacuum cleaners will be the perfect choice for that. You may or may not prefer this type of vacuum cleaner for your homes but it appears to be a much better choice than trying to mop your floor when water and dirt is mixed. The wet/dry vacuum cleaners are designed in such way that when the debris are sucked into the tube, it gets separated into liquid and dry solids and fall into the respective containers making it easy to remove, clean and maintain the appliance. They are the best when it comes to cleaning below sinks, floor cleaning, and sidewalks or at your workplaces.

    Deerma wet/dry vacuum cleaners are multifunctional and comes with detachable accessories.

    6. Decide on the purpose of buying a vacuum cleaner

    Half your confusions solve when you decide the ‘why’ – Why buy a vacuum cleaner? The purpose of buying and using a vacuum cleaner differs from person to person. When you are clear with that, you get an idea as to what type of vacuum cleaner to buy.

    • Handheld vacuum – portable and wireless
    • Stick vacuum –lightweight and battery powered
    • Wet and Dry vacuum – multifunctional with two-chamber suction
    • Upright vacuum – best for large spaces
    • Canister vacuum – best for hard surfaces

    7. Overall Factors

    Vacuum cleaners are a must for easier and effective cleaning. That being the case take time to think and get the right appliance according to you need. When you get a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t suit your need, then it will definitely end up in one of your shelves while you will continue to use your other cleaning methods of dusting and mopping.

    • Check the noise level
    • Check the appliance maintenance requirement
    • Check price
    • Know the type, uses, durability, quality and features

    Deerma designs the best vacuum cleaners, both electric and rechargeable.

    Think twice, choose wise!

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