5 Benefits of Using an Ozonizer

5 Benefits of Ozonizer

What is an Ozonizer?

The simplest definition of an ozonizer is that it is a machine that converts the oxygen into ozone gas with the discharge of an electric current. It produces ozone continuously.

What is the use of an Ozonizer?

Since an ozonizer makes use of the ozone gas so let us first explore the benefits of ozone gas. We all are familiar with the benefits of ozone gas outside the troposphere. In the stratosphere, the ozone layer is present that purifies the harmful UV radiations from sun and only the beneficial radiations reach the atmosphere of earth. The amazing fact is that the ozone gas not only purifies sunlight but also purifies food, air, water, sterilizes kitchen appliances, disinfects toys of children and other items in the house. It do so by separating the bacteria and viruses from the useful elements. Using the ozone gas can be beneficial for health as it removes the parasites both from water and food as well as from environment.

Ozonizer, on the other hand, is a kitchen appliance that purifies the food like fruits, meat, vegetables, etc. and water. An ozonizer works as a water purifier, food sanitizer as well as air purifier thereby it helps in improving blood circulation, energizing the body cells, cleansing liver, enhancing immunity, purifying skin, oxygenating skin, neutralizing acids, etc.

Ozonization is also helpful in food processing. It does not remove pathogens with the help of heat neither does it have any chemicals involved in purification. It is a cheaper yet more sustainable way of cleaning food and water with the organic methods that does not even harm the nutrients of food items. Brayden ZANO V11 Ozonizer – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant serves a wider capacity for purifying the food items as well as the toys of your children yet it takes small space to get adjust in your house. It is easy to use and saves the digestive system from diseases and pathogens.


There are many amazing health benefits of using an ozonizer. Some of these are discussed below:

1) Helps in Detoxing and Preventing Food Borne and Water Borne Illnesses:

We, humans are familiar of a number of illnesses that are a result of the presence of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in food and water. Bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella are present in food and water. These bacteria are dangerous for human health. They even cause the deadliest diseases and thousands of people die by those diseases. The ozonizer works as a filter for these disease causing bacteria. When the contaminated food or water is passed through the ozonizer it detoxifies it and removes all harmful substances from it. This saves you from the food borne and water borne diseases. One of the best ozonizer for detoxifying food as well water is Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant. It helps in making your food safe and saves your digestive system from contaminated food. One of the best feature of it is that it has large capacity in which you can detoxify a larger amount of food at once.

2) Sterilize and Disinfect Fruits and Vegetables as well as Clean and Disinfect Meat and Fish:

The best benefit of using an ozonizer is that it sterilizes the foods and vegetables. When you buy a fruit or a vegetable, it has been sprayed with a lot of pesticides and food polishing sprays. The normal cleaning of the fruit or vegetable do not detoxify it. For making it free from the harmful chemicals you will need to sterilize it. The best option to disinfect the fruits and vegetables in the market is Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant. It sterilizers the fruit and vegetable properly without releasing any toxic chemical.

An ozonizer is also beneficial because it disinfects and properly cleans the meat as well as the fish. There are certain viruses and bacteria that are associated with the surfaces of meat and fish. There is an utter need to have a properly sterilized meat and fish before using them in the food. It becomes difficult without the presence of an ozonizer to sterilize meat and fish at home. But an ozonizer does it effectively. It also deodorizes meat and keeps bad smell far away.

3) Disinfect Baby Bottles and Toys:

Another benefit of an ozonizer is that it is used to clean the baby feeding bottles as well as baby toys. Since, the babies are most prone to any of the microbe present on the toys as they put everything, literally everything, in mouth that they have an encounter with. So, their toys and feeding bottles need to be disinfect properly from the presence of any microbe or pathogen. The best option for sterilizing the baby toys and baby feeding bottles is Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant. It can hold many of the baby feeding bottles together to disinfect them properly.

4) Detachable Tank and Larger Storage with Multimode Operation:

Another benefit of an ozonizer is that the tank of it is detachable and the size of it is very large like Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant has the capacity to hold 9 L. So, with such huge capacity it easily holds many things together to be sterilized. Ozonizers that have multimode operation that support many functions are more preferred. Like Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant has the multimode operation. It supports many functions. You can choose the desired function for desired items.

5) Addition of Antimicrobial Agents in Food Items that Prevent Diseases:

Since ozonizer takes help from ozone gas, the ozone gas releases some antimicrobial agents. The released antimicrobial agents help in fighting with the microorganisms present on food items. But there is one issue that if the ozone is released in higher quantities then the food will become acidic rather than purified. The simplest solution to avoid the excessive release of ozone is to use of stable ozonizer. It releases the controlled amount of ozone gas to purify the food items. Moreover, it is simple to operate and has a larger capacity. Comparatively, it is available in affordable rates in market.

The Final Verdict – Ozonizer:

Ozonizers are the appliances that serves as a lot of health benefits. The meat, fruits, veggies, baby toys, baby bottles, etc. that are purified by ozonizers are completely healthy and do not contain any chemical. Ozonizer has a number of applications in food processing and water purifying industries. It is a better and modern method of filtration and is more reliable and preferable modes of filtration. Brayden ZANO V11 Ozoniser – Vegetables and Fruit Disinfectant stands out alone in the list of best ozonizers. It purifies everything and does not release any harmful chemical. It is easy to use and has a multimode operation which can perform a number of functions.