15 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Massager in 2021

Eye Massager

How is life for all in 2021?

We work, we learn, we communicate, we find entertainment browsing, watching and playing and we do all that with technological devices; that is life in 2021. This show how people of all ages use or are forced to use technological devices 24×7.

Yes, life has become easier with technology yet more health problems rise quickly too and the most affected one being the eyes. There is more eye strain when using computers and smartphones for a longer duration which frequently leads to headaches, blurred visions, eye dryness and itchiness.

Despite all the work that one has to do, people are trying to maintain a good work-life balance for 2021 is all about easy, happy and healthy living with quick to get and use products. And it is the same with finding easier but better ways to maintain eye health while working with computers and smartphones. That is when the eye massagers come to do the needful.

15 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Massager in 2021

Chill out with an eye massage(r)!

  1. It is ok to RELAX!

    Nothing can be better than that feeling you get when lying on the floor, sofa, and bed or even in your car seat and do nothing. And just when you try to do so, the time you take to relax will just make you feel like it passes away in moments; that’s because you blink. So just don’t blink or it will all be over. Don’t worry; the eye massagers will help you with that!

  2. All you need is SLEEP!

    If you ask me what is the most important thing in the world? I would say ‘Sleep’. Be it working for a whole day and getting a good night’s sleep, be it the morning sleep that gets makes you late for every plan of the day or be it the afternoon nap that you take post lunch secretly in your workplace or happily at home, sleep is just awesome. It makes you refreshed, makes your mind clear and makes your body get back the energy needed. You need a good sleep to make all that happen to you which the eye massagers will help you with.

  3. Let the MUSIC play!

    Happiness is music. Happiness is sleeping. Happiness is getting a good massage. But imagine having all three together, imagine having multi-levels of happiness in one swing, imagine listening to soothing music, getting a good eye massage and falling asleep then. Yes, that is possible with the eye massagers.

    *EQK Eye Massager is designed with 4 massage modes – Energy mode, Relax Mode, Relieve Mode and Sleeping Mode.

    Best eye care possible with an eye massage(r)!

    Proper eye care that includes the below mentioned 4 different modes and massages is possible with an eye massager.

  4. Vibrating Massage

    Gentle pressure with mild upward and downward motions circling the eyes release muscle tension, prevents eye puffiness, improves blood circulation around the eyes, relives fatigue and helps eliminate dark circles.

  5. Graphene Heating

    Graphene based devices are gaining more popularity since they are much better, safer and also eco-friendly. The excellent properties of graphene with the mild rise in temperature for the eye massage release comfortably low frequency pulses that are perfect for the eyes.

  6. Air Compression

    Massaging skin and muscles with air under compression helps reduce muscle pain, relieves tight muscles, is a quick reliever of stress and is very much effective for long term massage use.

  7. Acupressure Massage

    Pressure applied to particular points to effectively prevent headaches, improve sleep and relieve stress.

    *EQK Eye Massager designed with graphene heating and air compression features gives the perfect vibrating massage and acupressure massage for the eyes.

    An eye massage(r) helps maintain good eye health!

  8. Relief from Eye Strain

    Some people do everything excess and intense. They work, drive, read, exercise, watch movies or series, all for a longer duration everyday and end up straining their eyes. Then there are people who do nothing for most of the day or week and when they do it, they do it at a stretch and again end up straining their eyes. Anything that you do without a break, anything that you do which involves giving work to your eyes for extended periods is a strain to the eyes. This is why you get headaches often. The eye massager helps get you a proper break, relives you from eye strain and prevents headaches.

  9. Remove Dark Circles

    Lack of proper sleep, exhaustion, over exposure to heat is what causes dark circles. The one way to get rid of dark circles is to change the lifestyle. Get proper sleep; make a schedule with multiple breaks in between to give your body and specially your eyes proper rest, for continuous work is what exposes the eyes to heat and strain. With the eye massagers, getting proper sleep, a break from the routine and reduced eye strain is possible and this will help reduce dark circles.

  10. Increase Blood Circulation

    A good blood flow to the eyes is needed for the eyes to avoid being dry, stay lubricated, maintain a good sight and to keep the eye muscles relaxed. A good blood circulation is possible with a proper massage using a massager.

  11. Tighten and Brighten the Skin

    With a good massage around the eyes, the eye bags reduce. With the eye bags gone, the skin around the eyes become firm and the massage puts an end to the formation of dark circles and with the dark circles gone, the skin around the eyes brightens. The eye massagers help add glow to the skin around the eyes.

    *EQK Eye Massager with the hot compression provided by the heating plate built in promotes blood circulation, soothes the ocular muscles and helps remove the dark circles.

  12. Rechargeable

    If you are looking out for high performance capacity, energy and cost efficient product then products with rechargeable batteries are the go to products. Appliances that are rechargeable can be charged anywhere, anytime when needed, can run for a longer duration once charged, can function better with just less energy and helps gives the appliance a longer durability.

    *EQK Eye Massager Features:
    • 1200Mah battery
    • Type C charging port
    • LED display with an indicator to show batter charge

  13. Compact and Portable

    So, we have different types of massages and now we also have different types of massage devices for almost every need. Gone are the days when one had to find time, fix an appointment and get a massage, for with the massage devices available anytime, anywhere massage for specific needs is possible. If you are wondering how the anytime, anywhere massage is possible, let me tell you massage devices are not big, hard to carry appliances, they are compact and easily portable ones.

    *EQK Eye Massager Features:
    • 180 degree foldable
    • Elastic adjustable headband
    • Lightweight

  14. Automatic Timer

    Like said before, the eye massagers are perfect to put you to sleep. So then what happens if you just sleep with the eye massager on your head? It is reasonable to have such doubts; well, I did have those doubts too and it was not until i got to use one that I understood how products are designed to suit the customer’s needs and expectations. The eye massagers are designed with an automatic timer that massages for minutes and then turns off automatically. So not to worry, you can wear them and sleep peacefully.

    *EQK Eye massager can be used 1-2 times a day with an average of 10-20 minutes per use. The massager also has an automatic timer that automatically turns off the appliance once the massage cycle is completed.

  15. Everything else to like in an eye massager

    • Cool gadget
    • Mini, portable and wireless
    • Better and easier way to be relieved computerized eye strain
    • Best for under eye massage
    *EQK Eye Massagers are mini, portable, wireless devices.